These importances do play a subtle role in how frequently an item is fetched. However, a ‘yearly’ follow isn’t checked once a year. It’s checked about once or twice a day.


I want to avoid making things more complex - and I am curious if the problem here is a terminology problem. I’m considering changing the names of the importances to something less time-concrete.

kickscondor, Fraidy Importance

I hear you on wanting to keep things from getting too complicated! I just happen to be the sort of nerd who wants that fine-grained control over whether or not this particular feed gets fetched every 5-10 minutes / every 1-2 hours / at least once a day. So I would like if the "add a link" page had two drop-downs: one for "fetch timing" and the other for the less time-concrete "importances" drawers.

Which – I'm fully on board with having a way to hide things or tuck them away! I'm sure if/when I get 100s of links in FraidyCat then I will be very grateful for the importance-as-hidey-hole mechanic.

I will probably do a livestream soon so that I can chat and work some of these things out in conversation. Think about it - I would love to try to understand where you’re coming from more clearly.

I don't know how much more I have to say, but I would 100% pop in to a livestream to hear more of your thoughts, and those of anyone else who might join in!